Training Schedule 2017 is available for download here.

Training in Pakistan

OGE Academy runs two courses in Islamabad

From 25 to 26 May Oil and Gas Engineering Academy held two training courses in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad attended by the employees of several Pakistani companies.

Among them were Khayber Pakhtoonkhawa Oil and Gas Corporation Limited, Orient Petroleum, Pakistan Oil Field Limited, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited.

The first course focused on the modern trends in geological modeling and reservoir engineering, while the second one highlighted modern well testing technology including early production systems. Oilteam experts were attached as instructors. The total number of attendees amounted to 40 which we think is quite a good number for a start!

Jonathan Brenton, Minister Counsellor at the British embassy in Moscow, visits OGE Academy

UK diplomats and business professionals discuss UK-Russian educational projects

22 March 2017, the UK delegation headed by Jonathan Brenton, Minister Counsellor at the British embassy in Moscow, visited OGE Academy, Sochi. 

The meeting was part of the official diplomatic visit to Krasnodar region. Mr. Jonathan Brenton was accompanied by John Lindfield, Counsellor and Director for Trade and Investment, Department of International Trade, Russia.  The delegation also consisted of the representatives of business community, including Olga Karapysh, Head of Moscow and St. Petersburg offices of Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

The discussion at the meeting focused on ways to develop and support educational and training solutions offered by OGE Academy in collaboration with the partners from UK, such as MSc programmes, short courses, and consulting services. This kind of partnership is fully in line with the zeitgeist, as 2017 was declared UK-Russia Year of Science and Education.

OGE Academy would like to thank the representatives of the UK embassy and consulates in Russia for the opportunity to bring our projects into international spotlight. However complicated geopolitical relations between our countries may be at the moment, education continues to be a sphere conducive for dialogue and genuine teamwork.