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Velvet September calls for studying

Velvet September calls for studying

The more you know the stronger you are

OGE Academy provides a record number of short courses in September:

Effective communication: maximum communication tactics (training)

August, 31 – September, 4

Enhanced oil recovery: geological and technological aspects

August, 31 – September, 4

Reservoir fluid sampling and PVT analysis

September, 7 – 11

Geomechanical modeling

September,14 – 18

Business assessment and decision making

September,14 – 18

Applied well test design and analysis (oil)

September,14 – 18

Applied well test design and analysis (gas)

September,14 – 18

Basic geological modeling

September,14 – 18

Advanced geological modeling

September,21 – 25

Reef complexes

September,25 – 27

Advanced Excel practical training for oil and gas professionals

September,28 – October, 2

Drilling Fluid Engineering

September,28 – October, 2

It's emblematic to celebrate Knowledge Day (1 of September) at Personal growth training because continuous learning and new skills acquisition is a core of it.

Oil and gas engineers can celebrate their professional Day in Sochi studying Effective communication technics, EOR or Reservoir fluid modeling.

In honor of International Democracy Day we suggest the choice – 5 courses for specialists in geological and reservoir modeling, oil and gas well testing, economy and management.

Learners of Reef complexes can join Cross-country Race of Nations at Sochi health path, while Advanced Excel users and chemists are able to express congratulations to their trainers on the coming Teachers’ Day.

Skills and knowledge come with time…