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Integrated economic security

Integrated economic security

Course announce

The retraining course “Integrated economic security: internal and external business threats” is developed by a former security official to provide students with new competencies and improve their practical skills in the field of economic security.

The lecturer’s unique experience and specific knowledge reveals the real features of a company protection from both internal and external threats such as unfair competitors and partners, raiding, organized crime, insiders and initiatives’ deliberate actions, incompetence, etc.

Companies’ managers and departments’ heads, including ones directly involved in the security service coordination, will appreciate a unique structured program. The systematization of the main threats to economic security, their prevention, detection and consequences management methods are based on lecturer’s own long-term experience in military and security services.

In the course of business games, case studies and panel discussions students will draw the security system organization concept for their companies, choose the optimal divisional structure and personnel actions specifics, and learn to introduce modern security practices. All solutions take into account companies’ environment reality, current legal and economic context.