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There's a 'one in billions' chance our reality is not a simulation, Elon Musk

For education virtual worlds become breakthrough technologies boosting learning process and enabling essential skills development without the use of sophisticated and expensive equipment. In this regard the distance between students, teachers and real-world objects to be mastered will not matter.  Disabilities, pandemics, wars and other events and phenomena limiting a normal life will not affect the process.

In just 5-10 years most educational processes will be fully or partly based on VR/AR-technologies as professions of the future require appropriate and modern learning approaches. There’re already studies indicating that the brain is not capable to distinguish game from reality, that’s why knowledge and skills acquired in a virtual world become a real experience.

The education system will change fundamentally: large training area and teaching staff will not be needed, training programs and schedule will become highly flexible and personalized, national regulations and licensing requirements will be adapted to the new technologies. Perhaps, there will be no educational institutions as physical facilities – they will be replaced by the virtual educational platform of the metaverse and artificial intelligence.

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