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Offshore ice-resistant platform operation

Offshore ice-resistant platform operation

Course announce

As noted by President Vladimir Putin “In the following decades Russia will expand through Arctic and northern territories”.  The list of OGE Academy advanced training courses is regularly updated with training programs for industry professionals working in the Far North and the Arctic regions.  

New program “Operation features of offshore ice-resistant fixed platform” is designed for technical and managerial personnel of offshore fixed platform for significant improving of the works quality, productivity and profit increase, project management risks minimization.

Participants will enhance their competence in the development of oil and gas fields in the Arctic shelf, including systems for oil/gas treatment, oil off-loading to tankers, water injection into the reservoir, submerged ballasting system, diethanolamine, oil containing water, formation water, fuel and process gas compression, etc.

Amid growing interest in Russian offshore fields it is important to study the experience of offshore ice-resistant fixed platform operation in the Arctic shelf, and get an insight into its workflow digitalization and improvement.  

The training is provided by a lecturer from Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, a specialist of the functioning ice-resistant fixed platform with unique knowledge of all technological field processes. Except introduction the audience to all systems operation the lecturer will conduct a remote excursion to the platform, and demonstrate all modern methods of advanced oil and gas production equipment operation.