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Advanced Exploration Techniques

Advanced Exploration Techniques

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Only modern seismic data acquisition technologies and advanced interpretation technics integrated with other research fields and Rock Physics methods allow to achieve significant results in petroleum exploration. These technologies are world-known and widely used tools for integrated exploration, as well as keys for process efficiency and geological risks reduction.

The objective of «Advanced techniques of Petroleum Exploration» course is a training of geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, and managers in main methods and principles of exploration work. 

During the course students:

  • Gain basic knowledge of seismic interpretation, Rock Physics, and resource estimation;
  • Learn to integrate seismic, electromagnetic, and basin modeling data for identification of sweet spots, HC phase and geological risks reduction;
  • Master play maps technology, seal properties analysis and risks assessment;
  • Review real case studies of petroleum exploration and drilling results.

The main advantage of the program is interactivity and practice on recourse estimate, seal properties and HC phase identification from seismic.

The program is designed by Rafig Manafov – a Leading geophycisist/geologist of Mitsui Oil Exploration Company (Norway) with 15-years of petroleum exploration experience on Norwegian, British, Danish, Russian, Azerbaijani and American fields, as well as at North, Barents, Norwegian Seas and South Caspain basin in such companies as British Petrolium, Maersk Oil, LUKOIL and Mitsui. Also he is a member of EAGE/SPE and AAPG, a science writer and has a master degree of Norwegian University of Science and Technology.