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Advanced geological modeling

Advanced geological modeling

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Geological modeling is always connected with the lack of direct measures. That is why petroleum geology tasks have a number of solutions, while models contain inaccuracies. Such situation requires the use of priori and indirect information, and performance of simulation algorithm configuration depends on geological structure features and final objective of the modeling.

Training course “Advanced geological modeling” can be interesting for professional 3D geological modelers with developed IRAP RMS skills.

Key feature of the program is advanced treatment of conceptual geological modeling stage and its influence on variation of further stages such as lithofacies and reservoir properties modeling. During the course students will study indirect information consideration while geological modeling.

The course program is variable and unique as everyone can adapt it according to relevant requirements and personal interests in geological modeling. Panel discussion format allows professionals to find out colleagues’ opinions, to share an experience, and to be encouraged by new ideas.

The course author Alexandra Zaboeva is an expert in sphere of conceptual geology and geological stimulation in Gazpromneft-STC, has a number of publications, scientific and methodical works. In addition, she is a candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, and assistant professor of “Oil and gas fields’ development” department of TIU.