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Advanced Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel

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Do you use Excel as a calculator? Do you think that the bubble chart skills make you an advanced user? Are you sure, you don’t need more Excel in your work?

Do you know that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:

  • is a powerful tool facilitating daily routine;
  • can solve any calculation task with big data without coding;
  • statistically processes experiment results, solves optimization tasks, analyzes data base, etc.;
  • automates processes, has organizer functions, arrange e-documents flow, facilitates optimal decision making, and protects information;
  • is installed on almost all PC around the world, can be integrated with popular apps and add-ons, studied in schools and universities;
  • can replace a number of highly specialized and expensive software.

Consequently, the problem is not Excel obsolescence but a lack of skills. You will update your competence if complete our 5-day course “Advanced Microsoft Excel”.

Under the guidance of experienced trainer, you will learn:

  • analyze big data (including H&R, Supple and Demand data) and optimize it (i.e. draw up a table in adjusted template);
  • apply various complicated functions (including text, logic for check and analysis, and mathematic for data processing) and its combination for time-taking calculations (i.e. salary payroll depends on employees category and accounting conditions);
  • make the most use and adjust Excel working environment as per the tasks (menu setting: addition of favorite functions and deletion of unused);
  • apply specific Excel functions for acceleration and ease of calculations (data analysis functions: “Solver”, “Regression”, “Correlation”, “WHAT IF analysis”, etc.);
  • forecast on the basis of any numerical data (detection of trends and dependencies);
  • use collaborative work opportunities and data export from external programs.

The author and trainer Anna Ignatenko – Leading lecturer of Applied math and informatics department of SSU with 15 years of experience. She is professional user of MS Office; experienced in Vensim, Mathcad, R and VBA language programming; studied Data analysis and programming in Skolkovo and other education centers.