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Machine Learning and Data Science

Machine Learning and Data Science

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The course aim: to provide oil and gas professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the main machine learning and data science methods, and acquire hands-on experience.

By the end of the course “ Machine Learning and Data Science for Upstream Professionals”  you will develop a solid understanding of  learning algorithms, methods of deep learning and interpretation of comprehensive models.

Acquired abilities:

  • understand the core concepts of machine learning and data science;
  • identify existing bottlenecks for machine learning methods application in your professional domain;
  • choose the most appropriate machine learning methods to solve a particular problem;
  • confidently apply the main machine learning methods in practice.

Audience: Reservoir Engineers, Geologists and Petrophysicists.

Prerequisite: the participants should have upstream domain knowledge. Prior programming experience is a plus but not required.

Building a confidence:

  • The main machine learning methods will be discussed and illustrated with multiple reusable code examples and real data sets, which can be used in further word in sphere of field development, production optimization, geological modeling, and rock physics;
  • Solutions of multiple problems related to reservoir engineering, geology and petrophysics will be demonstrated using state-of-art machine learning libraries.

Used technologies: Python, data preparation and analysis (SQL, Pandas), machine learning libraries (Scikit-learn,Tensorflow), cloud computing (Microsoft Azure Cloud).

Trainer: Vitali Molchan – Leading artificial intelligence methods specialist of ABN AMRO (Netherlands), professional with long experience in Oil & Gas business and Data Science/Predictive Analytics. Oil & Gas experience includes an extensive track record of successful projects with international upstream  companies in Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East, covering different field development stages from design engineering to field development monitoring and depleted reservoir production maintenance.