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Budget and business planning

Budget and business planning

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Effective corporate finance management is based on correct business planning. Management accounting and budgeting allow to evaluate business and take business decisions at different levels, follow up budget implementation and increase company profit, develop and adjust developing scenario. It is a modern planning, resources allocation, motivation and control tool that manages company development.

Would you like to know how to implement management accounting and budgeting system, develop financial models, set operational budgets and calculate financials, efficiently manage current assets, draw up and analyze management reports?

At the course «Budget as a business planning tool” you will study:

  • To implement a modern budget management system focused on the company goals achieving;
  • To develop a financial structure of the company with detection of financial responsibility center, and effective budgeting methodology;
  • To create smooth organizational procedures and budgeting rules;
  • To analyze and control budget execution, understand deviation reasons;
  • To apply modern budgeting approaches and management without budget.

The course audience – managers of companies and departments, financial officers, economists and financial planners, chief accountants, accountants, financial analysts, managers, and auditors.

The course author – Evgeniya Vidischeva – Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, senior lecturer with 20-years’ experience in teaching, R&D, as well as in consulting of petroleum companies and banks.  Cooperation with international TACIS program, Small Business Fund, Olympic Heritage Department. Chief editing officer of «European Journal of Economic Studies».