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Basic geological modeling

Basic geological modeling

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3D geological modeling becomes standard solution for such geological tasks as reserves estimation, field development, and reservoir management.

“Basic geological modeling” course provides young specialists (geologists, sedimentologists, petrophysicists, geoscientist, reservoir engineers, etc.) with fundamentals of geological simulation.

During the course students will:

  • study the stages and main methods of geological modeling;
  • learn how to form a database and create download file for 3D geological modeling;
  • master geological model quality control and further adjustment procedures.

As a result of the study, students develop 3D geological model with the use of specialized software IRAP RMS. Individual practical tasks are prepared for all students, and include step-by-step algorithm of modeling with IRAP RMS software. Algorithm is in accordance with standard modeling approach, and becomes recourse book for young geologists.

The course is developed by Alexandra Zaboeva - candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, assistant professor of “Oil and gas fields’ development” department of TIU. Alexandra is an expert in sphere of conceptual geology and geological stimulation in Gazpromneft-STC, and has a number of publications, scientific and methodical works