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The brain needs training too

The brain needs training too

Course announce

Training – a way to get new information and acquire practical skills by intense activity practice allows achieving desired results within a short time.

We suggest you to change the scenery, leave your “shell” and attend our trainings for personal and professional development. Believe us if you want to grow professionally, overcome fears and self-doubt, broaden opportunities and boost revenues you need training!


Training No. 1. Team building and development: effective management of group processes

Every manager faces undisguised or concealed struggle within team. “Finger pointing”, conflicts, competition, opposition as a matter of principle – processes that can lead to full disorder. Destructive working atmosphere results in production decrease, disorganization and qualified personnel losses. Thinking that problems would settle by themselves means being under the illusion. The better Leader is ready for inevitable dynamic of group processes the more likely he will achieve good results considering abilities of all team members.

Training No. 2. Successful international cooperation: features of business communication with foreign partners

What does the famous Chinese smile mean? What can facilitate communication with Arab partner? How start acquaintance with German colleges? What contract execution process in different countries? The training will answer all these and other questions in sphere of intercultural business communication. Course participants will get the opportunity to study features of different business cultures and look at themselves through German, Chinese or Arabic “cultural glasses”.

 Training No. 3. Effective communication and personal growth (based on Schultz von Thun and Riemann-Tomanna models)

When a person comes in contact with other people, he has great opportunities to build successful and mutually satisfying relationships. But at the same time he faces a lot of dangers to ruin these relations. Shades in interpersonal communication are complex and not always distinguishable. Different levels of what is said and heard leads to chronic misunderstanding, which is a potential source of conflict. Training gives ones the opportunity to study modern achievements of European communication phycology, analyze own communicative habits and get practical skills of effective and authentic communication building.


Leading by certified trainer from Germany – Mariya Ransberger (Universität Hamburg, IKUD, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Universität Bayreuth) you will discover hidden internal resources, master new methods of interaction and management, acquire valuable self-development and promotion skills, as well as receive adequate feedback.


Reshape yourself!