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Business assessment and decision-making

Business assessment and decision-making

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Business assessment allows to give qualitative appraisal of business activity, identify weaknesses, and detect promising areas for development. Analytical tools, technologies and methods make it possible to develop and evaluate managerial solutions consequences.

The course “Business assessment and decision-making”:

  • Allows to consider the features of different analysis types and tools;
  • Acquaints with business assessment methods;
  • Teaches the methodology of management solutions development and problematic situations analysis;
  • Develops forecasting and alternative decision-making skills;
  • Assists in acquisition of decisions control and efficiency assessment methods.

As a result of the training professional competencies will be improved, and rational decision-making attitude in business assessment based management will be developed.

The course is presented and developed by Lyudmila Beloslutseva - Ph.D. in Economics and senior lecturer with 20 years’ experience, participant of international tender projects such as 7RP, Tempus, Erasmus+, co-author of international student’s book on management, and appointed representative (LEAR) in Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of EU.