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Competencies professional development path

Competencies professional development path

The code of competence is the only system of morality that's on a gold standard, Ayn Rand

The term “Competence” is originated from Anglo-Saxon tradition and is widely used in Russian education system as a part of Bologna process since the beginning of XXI century.

Integration into international educational and labour system is an advantage of competency-based approach as it allows foreign employers to understand information containing in Russian diplomas and employment books.

Professional competences mean specialist’s skills and knowledge acquired during his or her education and work experience.  In fact, it is the European format of the Soviet “knowledge- skills-abilities” system.

After introduction of “competence” term into new educational standards, it appeared in professional standards, which replaced usual job evaluation manuals.

Now this is an issue for all working people because there is a strong legal connection between educational standards, professional standards and job opportunities.

For improved development of petroleum specialists, we recommend to follow the Training plan developed by our trainers and considering different work areas and desired competence levels.