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Consulting creative form of business training

Consulting creative form of business training

The one knowing what is profitable is wise!

Experts of OGE Academy continue working on up-to-date form of business training – mobile consulting meetings with managers and specialists of petroleum companies aimed to discussion of improvement of business management issues.

This time meeting with representatives of oil and gas company was held on December 9-11 in Sochi city. The topic of meeting – “Well completion: the best world practices and foreign companies experience”.

Participants discussed current aspects influencing rise in the efficiency of production and service companies:
- cases and advantages of horizontal and multihole wells use in certain geological conditions for particular oil-recovery and exploration methods;
- production forecast methods for horizontal and multihole wells considering inflow into well;
- well logging features, continuous monitoring and analysis of horizontal and multihole wells operation;
- methods of engineering support for run-in-hole operation to complex wells and others.

Consultancy program was developed by company request considering its operation specific and interests. As a result of active discussion original solutions of operating objectives were developed.

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