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Drilling Fluid Engineering

Drilling Fluid Engineering

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Firstly use of drilling fluids for oil and gas wells was suggested by French engineer Fowell in 1833. Drilling fluids content is transformed to increase speed and reliability of wells construction and operation according to results of geological cross-section of field.

Relevance of applied technologies is connected with decrease of easily recoverable reserves and operation in difficult subsurface conditions. Complication of wells raises requirements for quality and flushing fluids properties.

Course Drilling Fluid Engineering” includes:

  • theory of use of polydisperse systems as flushing fluids at drilling of oil and gas wells;
  • chemical base of mixing and analysis of drilling fluids, in particular content and functions of drilling fluids, control of parameters;
  • drilling fluids impact on wellbore sustainability, damage, fluid losses, sticking.

Course completion allows to acquire knowledge on types and features of flushing fluid systems chose, and main laboratory tests applied on fields.

You’ll be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills to solve engineering tasks such as:

  • optimize drilling fluid quality by chemical processing and set prescribed physic-chemical and technological properties;
  • understand mechanism of drilling fluids flow and hydrodynamic parameters impact on drilling process;
  • perform accounting on required amount of components for treatment of certain amount of flushing fluid;
  • chose type and content of drilling fluids considering nature and influence of geological and technological factors;
  • apply technological criteria for quality assessment of flushing fluids at oil and gas wells construction.

Acquired knowledge and improved skills allow to construct well more efficiently, decrease drilling costs and significantly increase reservoir productivity.

Author and trainer – Maxim Frolov – Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, Engineer of Drilling fluids department of Schlumberger company. Experience in petroleum sector – 12 years, including 3 years as trainer in MI SWACO company. Now Maxim is responsible for current project support and new technologies implementation in KhMAD, By the way he has an experience with different systems of drilling fluids, including hydrocarbon basis fluids.

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