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How to defend yourself from forgery?

How to defend yourself from forgery?

Intelligence is not in diplomas and certificates,but in correctly made decisions

Specialists and employers are interested in validity of professional education certificates. Today when there are a number of educational organizations of various types and forms of ownership on the market, we should be careful in making chose and check not only license.

According to law educational institutions have to upload information on all issued diplomas and certificates to Federal Education Certificates Register (FECR) since 2013.

The main idea of FECR is elimination of corruption and circulation of forged documents in education sphere. FECR gives employers the opportunity to check the validity of employee or candidate diplomas.

Confidentiality is insured by multilevel encryption during data acquisition and impossibility to get information without accurate educational certificate details.

Firstly registration was mandatory only for higher and secondary professional education certificates. But since 2019 all additional professional education organizations have to register issued certificates and diplomas.

OGE Academy registers all educational documents in database on a regular basis providing public with verifiable information on its activity. This way we provide additional protection of education quality.

Have you checked your diploma?