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Course announce

Geo-steering and M/LWD technics

Course announce

Increase of drilling efficiency and oil recovery index – critical tasks for petroleum sector. Correct wellbore location relating to reservoir allows to increase these parameters.

Measurement and Logging While Drilling (M/LWD) are actively used for horizontal wells geo-steering (HW, HS, and HBW) and complex tasks solution since the 20s of XX century:

  • Hole drilling within target range;
  • Jamming of production casing shoe at a planned elevation with a certain inclination angle;
  • Intercept of formation top and bottom, etc.

Short course “Geo-steering and M/LWD technics” includes full circle of geological monitoring and construction of geo-steering models. Training program provides real-time reports, petrophysical interpretation of well log data, geo-monitoring efficiency assessment.

Acquired abilities:

  • Estimate effectiveness and quality of applied geo-steering methods;
  • Implement monitoring of telemetry for better well construction control and NPT reduction;
  • Apply acquired knowledge for high quality monitoring;
  • Complete express estimation of telemetry station and directional drilling performance in sphere of logging quality, images and inclinometry in real time;
  • Advanced competencies in data density, logging interpretation and corrections applied in measurement techniques.

Distinctive features of course are as follow:

  • advanced treatment of M/LWD technics in the context of geo-steering;
  • a great number of individual and group tasks for practical skills training;
  • flexibility and usability – structure and materials make course useful for both experienced engineers and recent graduate.

The trainer – Boris Dmitriev – graduate of Moscow State Technical University named after N. E. Bauman, Chief specialist of geo-monitoring department of Rosneft subsidiary (IGiRGI JSC). Boris is an operating specialist in geo-steering, involved in monitoring of all production subsidiaries of the company; has experience as a  M/LWD engineer in Schlumberger Company, as well as field experience in Western Siberia (onshore) and Astrakhan (offshore) fields.

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