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Geological steering

Geological steering

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Today many fields can be characterized with such parameters as complicated geological structure and low reservoir quality. Directional and horizontal holes are applied for its development. Well productivity, cover of deposits and economic efficiency of drilling depend on geo-steering.

On-line geological steering allows making drilling decisions based on deposit geological structure. Updated geological data increases productive formation development according to stages of its study.

To upgrade your qualification join our short course «Horizontal and directional drilling». Course is developed by Anton Epikhin – operating engineer and professional trainer with more than 10 years’ experience in sphere of directional well construction.

The study is organized in form of lecture and seminar with apply of case studies, brainstorm, TRIZ and tasks for acquiring practical skills.

Acquired abilities:

  • construction features and general principles of telemetric system;
  • technological equipment adaptability for directional wells construction;
  • measurement and data communication principles at well construction;
  • construction and operational principals of technological equipment for directional drilling and telemetric systems sensor.

This course is developed for drilling, well test and workover engineers, geologists, geophysics, supervisors and project managers interested in study of modern technics and telemetric equipment for navigational and geophysical steering and workover.

After course completion you will be able to solve following practice tasks in chose and verification of drilling equipment for directional well construction:

  • to choose telemetric equipment for different geological factors;
  • to design and validate well deviation equipment for different surface conditions;
  • to analyze technical condition of telemetric system at different operational stages;
  • to evaluate well surface conditions and select directional drilling technology.

Course program is developed according to professional standard requirements such as “Oil and gas production, processing and transportation” and educational standard “Applied geology, mining and petroleum engineering, geodesy”.

The course that you deserve!