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Geomechanical modeling

Geomechanical modeling

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Geomechanical modeling is becoming more and more relevant for hydrocarbon field development. It covers such important tasks as: successful drilling, fracking design optimization, forecast of reservoir properties changes during field development, surface subsided prevention, etc. Geomechanic is often discussed in frame of fractured fields’ development.

The aim of the “Geomechanical modeling” course is introducing of main algorithms and solutions of geomechanical modeling.  Significant attention is paid to fundamentals: mechanics of deformable solids is an important part of the program. Course completion allows solving applied geomechanical tasks, and understanding its physical basis.

You will acquire following knowledge:

  • Theoretical base of deformable solids mechanics;
  • Main stages of rock mass mechanical properties modeling according to geophysical data;
  • Approaches to rock mass stressed-deformed state calculation;
  • Applied geomechanical tasks solutions;
  • Modern tools for geomechanics tasks solving;

Training helps you to upgrade your skills in sphere of geomechanical modeling, be able to match results of modeling with volume and quality of initial data, conclude about geomechanical modeling reasonability in different situations.

Trainer and author of the course – Nikita Dubinya, Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, graduate of Moscow Physical &Technical Institution, research scientist of The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Head of offshore surveys laboratory of MPTI. As well as the author of a number of studies dedicated hydrocarbon fields geomechanics. Trainer has an experience in geomechanical modeling for Gazpromneft, Lukoil, Rosneft companies.

Course program is based on modules “Deformable solids mechanics” (MPTI) and “Applied geomechanical tasks solutions” (MSU).

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