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Fundamentals of HCS modeling

Fundamentals of HCS modeling

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High quality data collection and analysis are time-taking processes, and an integral part of regional basin modeling and planning of geological exploration activities.

Field data analysis and assessment is impossible without the knowledge of basin modeling fundamentals as this stage affects the validity of developed model and planning of drilling and exploration.

The course “Fundamentals of HCS modeling” is aimed at understanding of basin modeling methodology and developing of modeling skills.

The course program allows petroleum engineers to arrange knowledge of oil & gas source rock and its parameters, event scale, paleoreconstruction of sedimentary basin and tectonic structure features.

Acquired abilities after course completion:

  • Analysis of the results of basin modeling;
  • Paleoreconstruction of sedimentary basin;
  • Determination of generation time, critical moment and deposit integrity;
  • Collection of required data for basin modeling;
  • Generalization of the study result and performance report writing.

The author of the program is Sophia Verevochnikova, post-graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Gubkin State University with practical experience in such companies as Halliburton International, Gazpromneft STC, Aachen university, etc. Now she is a Ph.D. candidate of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

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