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Independent qualification evaluation

Independent qualification evaluation

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With introduction of new professional and educational standards, the government provides us with the possibility of independent evaluation of specialists’ qualification.

The procedure is not mandatory. Evaluation is performed by professional examination on the base of Qualification evaluation centers (QEC).  The exam includes an assessment of specialist’s knowledge-skills-abilities compliance with professional standards and competence requirements.

In case an employer initiates the exam, he compensates the cost of examination and trip expenses for employees. Specialists also can pass the evaluation on their own, and receive a social tax deduction in this case.

After successful examination, specialists receive a Certificate of competence included in the Register of National Qualification Development Agency (NQDA).

Advantages for corporate employers:

  • Meeting industrial requirements and by-laws, implementation of HR development strategies, and application of professional standards;
  • Standing to the reputation of company with high qualified personnel nationally and internationally;
  • Receiving of unbiased estimation of personnel’ competencies, and use it for professional training and career development planning;
  • Employees selection according to certified qualification;
  • Motivation of personnel for professional development, labour productivity and quality increase;
  • Participation in public tenders with requirements for certified qualification of personnel.

Advantages for specialists:

  • Documented confirmation of qualification, getting of Certificate of Qualification included in the Register of qualified specialists;
  • Increase of labour market competitiveness, professional empowerment and career development;
  • Individual training recommendations from QEC experts;
  • Independence of the Estimation from an employer’s opinion; results objectivity, psychological comfort, and self-confidence.

In Russia an independent qualification evaluation in petroleum sphere can be performed by authorized companies such as Gazprom Personnel LLC, SOPCOR LLC, and LUKOIL-Technology LLC. There are also a number of QEC for general industry and other business activities all over the Russia. Preparation for the exam can be carried out independently or in any professional education centers.