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Modern well completion and workover techniques

Modern well completion and workover techniques

Course announce

The program of short course “Modern well completion and workover techniques: horizontal and multilateral wells. Rigless-techniques” allows students to develop a vision of well completion and workover techniques which are useful for practical implementation of business processes in petroleum sector.

Program uniqueness:

  • Systemizes long experience of complicated offshore fields development for complex approach to offshore and onshore operation of oil and gas fields;
  • Presents the most important information about new technologies for horizontal, smart and multilateral wells on the basis of advanced projects completion experience in Russia and abroad;
  • Detailed analyzes a downhole equipment of all completion types, its parameters and application criteria;
  • Considers challenging workover examples, and advanced rigless-technologies – coil tubing and logging cable operations in horizontal wellbore, features of flow stimulation of extended wells;
  • Much attention is given to economic component of optimal solution selection based on work planning for the whole life of the well.

Target audience

  • Engineers and specialists of operating and service companies involved in well completion and workover, execution and control of wellwork;
  • Reservoir engineers;
  • Specialists of manufacturers developing Russian alternatives of foreign downhole equipment.

Acquired skills and abilities:

  • Choice of optimum types of well construction and completion according to field development complexity;
  • Forecast of well operation problems before the start of construction and completion;
  • Selection of the most efficient workover solution and downhole operation method at operating facilities;
  • Initial economic assessment of new wells and ones need workover.

Course authors: Alexander Zavyalov and Dmitry Tikhonovsky – leading production engineers of company specialized in offshore fields’ development. They took part in execution of more than 50 projects for horizontal, smart and bilateral wells completion, and deviated wells workover. Alexander and Dmitry are co-authors of traditional workover rejection in favor of rigless-technologies concept.