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MICROSOFT EXCEL: professional programming

MICROSOFT EXCEL: professional programming

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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – programming language, included not only in Microsoft Office package but also in other software, i.e. AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CorelDRAW, WordPerfect, and ESRI ArcGIS.

VBA flexibility and learnability for non-professional coders popularizes it as individual tasks solution that includes simultaneous work in several Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, Eccess, etc.) with data integration and sharing.

Training course «MICROSOFT EXCEL. Professional programming with Visual Basic for Applications» will provide you with the skills of VBA application for practical tasks solving:

  • Create a macro (command program) for automatic tasks completion by a template (text formatting, cell padding, file export, data requests, data display, PivotTable construction, calculations, charting, reporting, data sorting, printing, display pushbutton moving, etc.).

Instead of long routine process (in several MSOffice programs), it is possible to achieve result faster and easily by VBA command (press of user-defined keyboard shortcuts, mouse click, etc.).

  • Create a program (app) with your own interface, operating in dialog box for different purposes (accounting, marketing, H&R, management, communication, project, production, etc.).  You work at particular window on the screen, as for example in 1C, Eclipse, tNavigator, and other software.

You acquire free software of your own design, increase your work productivity, and labour competitiveness.

Course program author – Anna Ignatenko , lead trainer of  data science and information technology faculty of SSU with 15-years’ experience.  MS Office package professional user.  R, VBA, Vensim, Mathcad programming language proficiency.  Completed training in Skolkovo and other educational centers in sphere of data analysis and programming.