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MICROSOFT EXCEL: enhanced options

MICROSOFT EXCEL: enhanced options

Course announce

With new course “MICROSOFT EXCEL. Enhanced options” you will learn to apply several free data science tools – PowerPivot, PowerMap and PowerQuery add-ins.


Allows to connect different (files, databases, web-channel, etc.) and large (no volume limits) data sources. You can simultaneously work with data (create sophisticated data models, indicators, build PivotTables, diagrams, formulas, calculate, analyze and share results).


A tool for 3-D visualization of geographic and temporal data, analysis on a 3-D globe or custom map that shows it over time and creates visual tours. Various types of visualization – column chart, bubble chart, heat map, etc. It increases understanding of business data which is closely connected with geography and time flow.


Facilitates the extraction of data of all sizes and formats (files, folders, databases, apps, Internet resources, social media, etc.) from different sources; cleanses and corrects data, transforms it to general format for further joint conversion. There are over 350 options.

Complementary for those who will successfully pass the final test: short course of Power View – add-in for data visualization and impressive presentation.

 PowerPivot map

In 5 days, you will know how to apply Microsoft Excel special modules and functions for practical tasks solving, how to plan an activity via information and communication technologies and enhanced options.

The course is developed by Anna Ignatenko – a leading trainer of data science and information technology faculty of SSU with 15-years’ experience.  MS Office package professional user.  R, VBA, Vensim, Mathcad programming language proficiency.  Completed training in sphere of data analysis and programming in Skolkovo and other educational centers.