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Neural networks in geology

Neural networks in geology

Course announce

Artificial intelligence is a top subject in social media. Push the button and get the answer – the machine thinks for you. Such an admiration for modern technologies had taken place after development of first computers or even earlier – with first beads. Multiplication that replaced numbers addition was also a win. Once amazed ancient bookkeepers did not have to shift pebbles from one place to another anymore. Now neural networks are becoming an everyday tool for productivity enhancement.

What is “a neural network”? Now you can create a new math operation with your own rules.  Definitely with a broader range of tasks: from machine-made rhymes to traffic penalty charging and crime figures search.

What unites tasks? The possibility of using a certain correctly formulated and software-implemented algorithm for solving of completely different tasks.

What do we suggest? Learn to create neural networks for geological survey: from input data formation, and neural network creation to results visualization in form of special maps in the frame of “Neural networks for geological easement development” course.

For example – geological hazards mapping with application of neural network:

  1. To create a set of rules describing various geological hazards conditions: program “Rules”.
  2. To create a neural network by machine learning: program “Neural network”.
  3. To create a request with the use of geotechnical, geomorphological, geological and other maps, and trained neural network provides you with the most probable answer in the form of digital index: program “Request”.
  4. To create a map of different geohazards distribution: program “Map”.

In the example neural network is a part of applied geotechnical task solution.

The requirements for students are simple: to be a specialist with knowledge in mathematics at the level of 1 year of technical university, and understand programming at the beginner level.

You will receive a unique, not widely spread mathematic tool: master main ways of neural networks construction and application for practical tasks solving.

The course author Oleg Vadachkoriya, Doctor of Engineering, geophysicist, expert of Russian Committee for Construction, geo-engineering expert of Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, and a member of International Association for geo-engineering. Large projects completed: pipeline systems “Sakhalin 1, 2, 5”, “Angarsk-Nakhodka”, “BPS-3”, etc. ; layout of “Krasnaya Polyana” tourist complex, Geotechnical verification of Olympic venues and “Artek” ICC, Development strategy of Caucasian Spas, Development concept of alpine tourism of Crimea, etc.