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November: trainings for professionals

November: trainings for professionals

Do not be ashamed to learn in adulthood:it is better to learn late than never Aesop

Training in the last month of autumn under the sign of Scorpio gives you its character features: leadership, passion and emotionality. This time we start with popular self-development courses:

Effective communication: maximum communication tactics (training)

November, 9-11

Stress management: individual action plan

November, 12-14

Personal effectiveness: planning and selfmotivation (training)


November, 16-18

Geomechanical modeling


November, 9-13

Geo-steering and M/LWD


November, 16-20

Petroleum system modeling for sedimentary basins


November, 23-27

Hydraulic fracturing design and control


November, 23-27

Reservoir simulation: modern approaches to design, application and assessment (expert level)

November, 23-27

Scorpions are great at scientific tasks solving and never stop until find out the truth. These abilities are expressed while geomechanical modeling, geo-steering and M/LWD technics studying.

Skills of creativity and task solution for effective management will be acquired by specialist in hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulation. And phase of curious and active Sagittarius with his motivation and exploratory skills will facilitate in it.

As William C. Bryant said: “Autumn is the year's last, loveliest smile”. So let this smile bring you a lot of positive changes.

Wish you a fruitful autumn!