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Environmental documentation for offshore projects

Environmental documentation for offshore projects

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Offshore field development and facilities are closely associated with environmental management and protection measures. The features of offshore projects ecological expertise are under Russian and international law.

Aspects of offshore project documentation design including engineering, construction and operation of marine systems are core of the “Environmental documentation for offshore projects” course:

  • Environmental conditions of offshore engineering;
  • Lifecycle of offshore project;
  • Offshore project types;
  • Eco-management of offshore projects;
  • State expert appraisal.

OGE Academy invites petroleum engineers involved in offshore activities and environmental management as well. The course program includes theoretic base and case studies for development of professional competencies including:

  • Use eco-management standards;
  • Design of environmental program;
  • Knowledge of Russian law in sphere of state expert appraisal;
  • Forecast and estimate environmental impact of offshore developments;
  • Develop industrial eco-monitoring programs.

The trainer and author of the course program Igor Kantargi - is a Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of Moscow state university of civil engineering, expert in oceanology, wave and ice impact for offshore structures, eco-monitoring. Igor is a member of ASBE, Russian Academy of Ecology, Board of directors of International center for marine study of Black Sea countries. He has an experience of state expert appraisal of such projects as Sakhalin 1, Sakhalin 2, Varandey terminal, Shtokman gas storage,  Korchaginsky oil storage, Nord Stream pipeline system, etc.

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