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Oil-based flushing fluids

Oil-based flushing fluids

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The number of wells drilled with oil-based mud (OBM) in Russia is increasing from year to year. According to results of tenders documentation analysis 30% of wells were developed with use of oil-based drilling fluid services in 2020, while it was only 13% in 2019.

Hydrocarbon medium – neutral for formation rock - is the main advantage of oil-based fluids. OBM is characterized by minimal solid content, low fluid loss indicator, high hydrophobic, shale control, and tribotechnical properties. The range of OBM application includes low-pressure well drilling, well testing and control.

Training course “Modern technics of oil-based flushing fluids mixing and application” will help you:

  • To develop skills of OBM composition mixing, optimization and development;
  • To analyze the need of flushing fluid selection while drilling;
  • To acquire methods of oil-based flushing fluids optimization in high formation temperature conditions;
  • Efficiently select flushing fluid type and parameters according to subsurface conditions;
  • To control oil-based flushing fluids parameters to reduce the influence on bottom-hole formation zone;
  • To select equipment for oil-based flushing fluids application while drilling.

Acquired skills and knowledge are necessary for specialists of drilling companies, process technology services, flushing fluids laboratories and R&D centers.

The course author – Alena Chudnovskaya – lecturer of “Oil & gas well drilling” faculty of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. She has long-term professional experience in R&D laboratories of LUKOIL-Engineering, KogalymNIPIneft, Gazpromneft STC, took part in development and adoption of drilling, flushing, well-killing fluids and emulsifiers.