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Oil & gas well testing design and analysis

Oil & gas well testing design and analysis

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Hydrocarbon reserves become more and more difficult to recover. Petroleum companies develop deposits with complex G&G parameters: low permeability, contact zone, complicated geological structure. Complication of fields and deposits leads to well test methodology development.

Academy training programs are designed for well test, reservoir, model and well intervention engineers.

Our educational programs allow to organize knowledge and better understand the applicability of different oil (basic and advanced) and gas (basic and advanced) well testing, results validity and its application methods.

After study completion you will be able:

- to improve the quality of well testing, information support, immediate supervision of field development;

- to reduce costs of sampling and analyses with use of Saphir (KAPPA) / PanSystem (Weatherford) software for oil and gas fields modeling.

Courses have practical focus and examples of modern well test technologies application at fields from all over the world.

Trainer - Vladimir Krichevsky – graduate of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, experienced in automation of data processing with application of digital intelligence methodology. Expert in field development control with many years' experience in scientific center of Petroleum Company.

Vladimir Krichevsky is a head of well testing department of international service company  Sofoil, and is responsible for introduction of new technologies of well testing and its interpretation. He is the author of a number of scientific articles devoted to field development control as well as participant of conferences and forums.

Don’t miss courses in June (basic level), August and October (advanced level)!