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Online professional development

Online professional development

Man is a creature that can get accustomed to anything, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Remote technologies have significantly changed the way we communicate. Last two years showed us their household, professional and educational value.

OGE Academy adopted all possible education forms:

  • Traditional group training in Sochi;
  • Trainer visit in any Russian and world cities;
  • Remote online training via video conference meetings;
  • Training through the study of webinar records with personal trainer support via messaging apps or e-mail;
  • Hybrid training – using two training techniques in the same time – traditional offline training for one part, and remote training for another part of students.

Remote training system provides unmatched advantages for petroleum specialists’ professional training:

  • There is no need to make a trip, spend time and money, pay for accommodation and transfer, leave your family or stop routine activities;
  • It’s possible to combine work and training in case of high professional overload and need for supplementary education;
  • The best experts from all over the world can provide training for you while you’re staying home in your kitchen, at field, or being on vacation;
  • The remote training program doesn’t differ from traditional one in content or in the volume of communication with a trainer;
  • In case of training through webinar records it’s possible to study in any reasonable time, in any time zone;
  • Minimum technical requirements: a modern computer, tablet or smartphone, and Internet capability;
  • Any forms of well-known training technologies – full interaction with a trainer or other students, prompt feedback, individual and collective tasks in webinar rooms, interactive trainings, tasks-solving in a built-in flip-chart, online testing, video and animation watching, etc.;
  • Licensed software is used by remote access that allows to master new programs, simulate, solve applied tasks, etc.; 
  • Upon completion of training students will receive a training certificate, which does not contain any notes on the form of training (online, remote, etc.);
  • Nothing takes your attention from studying: sea, mountains, or excursions.