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Petroleum exploration from A to Z

Petroleum exploration from A to Z

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Let us admit that logical sequence and continuation of acquired data and skills are extremely important for advanced training, but hardly achievable without professional assistance.

Our specialists take care of you and come up with a solution – arranged courses in exploration, seismic interpretation and advanced ROCK PHYSICS according to levels of acquired skills and knowledge:

I level: Advanced techniques of Petroleum Exploration” – study of exploration fundamentals, acquiring of basic knowledge in interpretation, basin modeling, seal properties analysis, reserves estimate, engineering disciplines integration and risk reduction.

II level: “Seismic interpretation. Integration with Rock Physics data” – development of advanced competence in seismic interpretation, seismic attributes application, full integration  with ROCK PHYSICS, improving of reserves estimate accuracy, sweet spot and HC phase identification, reservoir quality assessment.

III level: “Modern Rock Physics: Quantitative interpretation of seismic data” – achieving of Expert level competence in ROCK PHYSICS with AVO analysis, modeling of rock and fluid seismic properties, seismic modeling and comparison with real data, seismic inversion cubes analysis, petro-elastic modeling, and formation parameters calculation from seismic.

The point is that you can assess skills and knowledge acquiring at different levels in advance using a competency map:

As a final bonus, all courses can be provided in English (partially or completely) according to requests and competence level of the audience.

The ideologist, author and lecturer of the grand trilogy - Rafig Manafov – a Leading geophycisist/geologist of Mitsui Oil Exploration Company (Norway) with 15-years of petroleum exploration experience on Norwegian, British, Danish, Russian, Azerbaijani and American fields, as well as at North, Barents, Norwegian Seas and South Caspain basin in such companies as British Petroleum, Maersk Oil, LUKOIL and Mitsui. Also he is a member of EAGE/SPE and AAPG, a science writer and has a master degree of Norwegian University of Science and Technology.