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Petroleum geochemistry

Petroleum geochemistry

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Geochemistry – Earth science that studies the spatial and temporal motion of matter and energy.  Data of geochemical surveys is used in resource industry and ecology.

The objective of “Petroleum geochemistry” course is to study practical aspects of oil & gas geology, prospecting and exploration fundamentals – theory of anthracides composition and its study methods.

The multiple-stage oil formation process is based on organic substance evolution. The course covers reconversion of structure, concentration and regularities of organic distribution from source biochemical entity to its transformation to hydrocarbons.

Oil & gas generation process takes place in source formations. Each time period is characterized by certain substance composition and its alteration products (oil & gas). Structure, concentration and organic conversion degree is a base for quantitative and qualitative reserves assessment by means of organic geochemistry and mathematic modeling.

The final result of the study can be affected by the lack of specialists’ competencies in selection of correct geochemical data. The course will teach you to collect, analyze and process geological data correctly, and to solve professional scientific & research tasks.

You will acquire geochemical anthracides fundamentals which give answers to the following questions: “What is the origin of oil?”, “What is oil accumulation and migration process?”, and “What are the main components of oil and gas, and its parameters?” and so on in 4 days of study.

The author of the course Sofia Verevochnikova – the graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University and National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University".  The trainer has professional experience in Gazpromneft-STC, Halliburton International GmbH; post-diploma work in RWTH Aachen University. Now Sofia is a postgraduate student of the Skolkovo University of Science and Technology.

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