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Production management. HR management

Production management. HR management

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The development of managerial strategy and understanding of company position in the competitive market is becoming extremely important in current conditions characterized by market fluctuations, negative oil consumption outlook and tough competition.  To facilitate operation you need to know and follow world trends, as well as apply modern analytical tools, technics and methods.

“Production management. HR management” course will teach you the following:

  • To understand and apply up-to-date technics of production management;
  • To define a strategic vision of production management;
  • To plan an activity on the basis of operation nature;
  • To set an operation process as an integrated system;
  • To apply modern managerial tools and technics for decision-making, as well as take into account risk factors and uncertainties;
  • To improve a company/division organizational chart and increase labour productivity;
  • To apply up-to-date HR management technics;
  • To master self-management technologies and improve personal performance;
  • To develop a personal growth program for career development.

The program considers the nature of petroleum companies, allows to increase production performance and stability by new managerial technics, optimize pertformance and reduce costs, as well as improve an efficiency, productivity and personnel involvement.

The advantage of the course – focus on practical tasks and completion of the pilot project including procedural analysis of management system operation, and development of the managerial activity improvement recommendations.

The trainer of the course Ludmila Beloslutseva is a Ph.D. in Economics, Senior lecturer with 20 years’ experience, participant of international tender projects such as 7RP, Tempus, Erasmus+, co-author of international student’s book on management, and appointed representative (LEAR) in Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of EU.