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PVT analysis

PVT analysis

Course announce

Five-day short course includes basic theory of PVT analysis, case studies and practice. The program is designed to sequentially guide students from basic knowledge to more complicated terms and concepts.

In process of training you will find out details of reservoir fluid sampling process, study features of lab testing, basis of primary data analysis and will be able to prove fluid properties at State Reserves Committee and Central Development Commission of Russian Federation.

What is the purpose of "Slim tube" work and what the reasons for different bubble-point pressure of reservoir fluid and formation pressure at gas-liquid contact? What is the difference between flocculation and retrograde condensation? Why "compressibility" is not a synonym for supercompressibility factor?

Answers to these and other questions you can find at our course.

You will get the opportunity to implement the responsibilities of PVT specialist, reservoir fluid simulation engineer and reserves assessment specialist as well as learn up-to-date technics of data analysis. Acquired and developed skills will facilitate further professional growth.

Author of course - Pavel Guzhikov – an expert with 23-years’ experience of analysis, approval and simulation of reservoir fluids properties in a range from heavy and volatile oil to near-critical fluids and gas-condensate at fields of Western and Eastern Siberia, Sakhalin, Orenburg and Saratov region, sidewall of Peri-Caspian Depression, Kazakhstan, Venezuela and Iran. By the way Pavel has an experience in database and fluid analysis module development.

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