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Reservoir simulation

Reservoir simulation

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There are instances where history matching is realized in frame of standard procedures. But sometimes it becomes more complicated and cannot be completed by valid reservoir engineering methods.

Geology and field development is closely related as formation properties are defined by its origin, internal structure, and sublayers mutual arrangements. The more formation features is considered in modeling, the higher model validity. Modeling in the frame of stratigraphic lines based on mathematical tools of software will not lead to model quality increase. Such models are characterized by high statistical precision of input data and modeling parameters, but they can be useless.

Simulation quality increase is a task for reservoir engineer. He determines difficulties in simulation modeling and after geologist can explain it according to formation structure and features.

The aim of the “Multidisciplinary approach to reservoir simulation” course is to improve professional competencies of engineers in sphere of geological modeling of heterogeneity or formation structure features. The main attention is paid to the modeling basis – well sections correlation.

Algorithm for correlation method study:

  • Conceptual modeling based on sedimentological core analysis;
  • Practice of paleotectonic analysis;
  • Study of correlation features in different facial origin sediments;
  • Detailed correlation to determine formation structure features affecting fluid filtering.

The authors of course program – Nataliya Yankova and Liliya Kadochnikova.

Nataliya Yankova – Chief Expert for geological modeling of NOVATEK, expert of State Reserves Commission. Trainer has a professional experience in geological department of Surgutneftegas, Saratovneftegas, UganskNIPIneft, TNK-BP. Specialization – preparation of geological base for simulation of complex structure deposits. Engaged in increase of models quality by geologists and other specialists cooperation.

Liliya Kadochnikova – Chief Expert for reservoir modeling of NOVATEK. Research interests: reservoir engineering, increase of simulation quality, EOR modeling.

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