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Triggers, procrastination, pecha-kucha and even more

Triggers, procrastination, pecha-kucha and even more

We know what we are, but not what we may be (W. Shakespeare)

Developing the ideas of famous English play-writer OGE Academy provides training courses to assist you in recognition and application of your latent opportunities.



Communication seems to be so easy, we communicate with different people every day. But why is the fear of public speaking still one of the most popular? During the training you will learn more about communication nature and its effectiveness; try various types of public speech and set up a personal communication skills development program under the supervision of experienced trainer.



What does it mean “to be effective”? Singletasking or multitasking? How to find internal resources? How to concentrate on the main issue? How to focus on result not melting in the process? Why self-management and self-motivation are necessary? What planning tools are more effective? Procrastination: is it good or bad? You will receive answers to these and many other questions during the training.



Pessimism, antipathy to any communication, lack of pleasure, insomnia, sleepiness, forgetfulness, chronic fatigue, irritation, soreness, nervousness, apathy, stress… If some of these issues look familiar for you it is highly likely that you are on the way to professional burnout. This training is dedicated to such questions as how to keep oneself under stress and not allow negative operational or personal factors to start burnout process. You will be able to define your triggers and ways of using it, acquire methodology and tools for stress factors resistance.


The author and provider of course Zykova I.U. has 15 years’ experience in major Russian companies and governmental institutions (Russian Railway, Sberbank, Rosneft, SEZ ALABUGA, Aljans, Rosatom Corporation etc.).


Trainer personality, regular training (Erickson International, Equator Trainings, Exect business training, ECOPSI Consulting, SHL Business Psychologist, PM Expert, MSUFA) and absorption in process guarantee positive result as well as personal and professional growth.


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