Training schedule 2024 is available for download here.

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Happy upcoming New 2020 Academic Year!

Dear friends,

Its time to get ready for new academic year!

Especially for you we developed Training Schedule for 2020.

We suggest you educational programs for professional development in the following sectors of oil and gas industry:

1. Offshore oil and gas engineering

2. Geology and petrophysics

3. Reservoir engineering

4. Production technology

5. Enhanced recovery

6. Oil processing and transport

7. HSE

8. Drilling

9. Business development.Personal growth

Training programs are not limited to the above. We are ready to develop special unique program per your request. Our trainers enthusiastically work with new challenges and complicated tasks from Russian and international oil and gas practice.

By the way the minimum winter daytime temperature in Sochi is +10C and from April it’s expected to be +15C.

There are so many reasons to choose OGE Academy!